BezierCurves — Play with bezier curves.

Clock — Tells the time.

Crossword — With over seventy carefully connected words.

Deathrun+ — Minecraft map; race your friends while avoiding traps.

Hues+Cues — {hidden project}

Mjölnir — Plugin; adds Thor's mythical hammer to Minecraft.

MouseMaze — It's a maze...for the mouse!

numbers — Convert from decimal to hexadecimal, etc.

Obsidian_Seal — YouTube channel.

Rubik's Cube Scrambler — Scramble generator for 1x1 to 5x5 cubes, pyraminx, etc.

Subject/Course Colour Graphs — What colours are associated with school subjects?

The Square — Watch the YouTube video first.

Type — Type.

v — {hidden project}

Words — Guess the word.