10/10 would recommend — Rate anything out of five stars.

BezierCurves — Play with bezier curves.

Bus Ride Bingo May 8th — experimental font loading change UPDATED  — Play bus-related bingo on the bus.

calc May 13th — it does something differently UPDATED  — It does something.

Chess April 19th — various input-related fixes, etc. UPDATED  — Two .jar files and a FEN viewer.

Clock — Tells the time.

countdown — Create countdown timers.

crosswords March 18th NEW  May 1st — minutes and seconds must be positive, seconds cannot be greater than or equal to 60 (v1.5.1) UPDATED  — Solve crosswords by me and others.

Crossword — With over seventy carefully connected words.

crossword2 — Bigger and better than the first one!

Deathrun+ — Minecraft map; race your friends while avoiding traps.

fa-random — Random icon generator with icon info.

Finite Craft February 23rd NEW  May 4th — what do you mean there’s no “clear search” button??? UPDATED  — Infinite Craft, but just the crafting part.

fOnT mAsHeR — Each letter of the text you enter is a random font.

Graph Theory EXPLAINED February 22nd NEW  April 6th — another video listed in the top links UPDATED  — Exactly what the title says.

Guess the Font May 1st NEW  May 10th — five more fonts (50 total) UPDATED  — Endless multiple choice font guessing challenge.

Hues+Cues — Number and letter generator for Hues and Cues.

Lethal Company Mods — My current Lethal Company modpack.

Minecraft & Motion — Plugin; record motion and export to desmos lists.

Mjölnir — Plugin; adds Thor’s mythical hammer to Minecraft.

MouseMaze — It’s a maze...for the mouse!

numbers — Convert from decimal to hexadecimal, etc.

Obsidian_Seal — YouTube channel.

PlainPlanes — 2D, top-down, very scuffed plane simulator.

progress — Create progress bars.

Rubik’s Cube Scrambler — Scramble generator for 1x1 to 5x5 cubes, pyraminx, etc.

Shrink to Fit — For Bus Ride Bingo: optimized font size to fit phrase in box.

Subject/Course Colour Graphs — What colours are associated with school subjects?

text — I’m trying to learn Firebase Realtime Database.

The Square — Watch the YouTube video first.

Think Four March 29th NEW  May 17th — don’t look at the console UPDATED  — Determine the topics, group the words.

TicTacToe — The classic game of Xs and Os, but it’s an online 1v1.

Type April 27th — font change, description, clearer and more extensive keyPress info, etc. UPDATED  — Determine JavaScript keyCodes.

v April 19th — icon changes, etc. UPDATED  — VALORANT Points calculator: spend as little as possible.

WandStuff — Really bad Minecraft plugin?

wordlelele April 4th — random win messages! UPDATED  — Weird Wordle: longer words, choose the next word.

Words — Offline Java Wordle with some weird differences.