Blog Post / January 9th, 2023

Please stop with the flashing lights.

Wow, I’ve been doing a lot of complaining on this blog. But hey, at least the posts aren’t just “new project”! Anyway, you know how when windows computers are sleeping, the power button flashes? That’s really annoying when I’m trying to sleep (my computer is in my bedroom), because my computer’s power light is really, really bright. So I have several layers of post-it notes over top of the light. The light is so powerful that there’s an imprint of the power symbol on the back of all the post-it notes.

So that’s annoying. But then I got a wacom tablet, and IT DOES THE SAME THING. WHY DO YOU NEED TO TELL ME THAT YOU’RE KINDA ON AND KINDA OFF. You’re just a monitor, turn off.

Sorry for yelling ok bye.