Blog Post / February 22nd, 2022

So...what is the best pen colour?

On the about page I said an example blog post was 'the best pen colour', so I guess I'm obligated to write this. Anyways, I really like the Paper Mate Inkjoy pens—they write smoothly, feel comfortable in your hand, and come in a wide variety of colours. But...which is the best?

A cup of Inkjoy pens

Most people use black pens for everything, which is fine (and for some reason, the black pen I own feels better to write with than the other colours), but that's a boring answer. What if you're writing on a page with printed words? Then the black blends in with the text that was already there! That's when I prefer to switch to the dark blue (slate blue, as it's officially called) pen. It still provides enough contrast, but doesn't blend in with pre-existing text. I also really like the teal one, as it's my favourite colour.

Pens are like tools; there's one for every job. Black works best most of the time, dark slate blue is for use alongside black, red and green are great for marking, and any other colour can be used to spice things up a bit.