Blog Post / August 16th, 2023

Mid-Century Modern LEGO Furniture

Coffee Table

Black table with the middle cut out and brown feet. Decorated with mugs and a newspaper. Inspired by a photo I found online but can no longer locate.

Coffee Table - front view Coffee Table - front/top view

Grey sofa with four orange cushions and "dark red" feet.

Sofa - front/top view Sofa - side view
Bedside Table

Grey cabinet with tall dark brown feet, a lamp, and some books in the little storage space.

Bedside Table - front view Bedside Table - side view

Dark red chair, round tan cushion, gold feet.

Chair - front view Chair - side/top view
Telephone Table #1

This was my first attempt at a telephone table. Tan table with two levels, tall dark brown feet, a telephone, and two glasses full of wine.

Telephone Table #1 - front view Telephone Table #1 - side view
Telephone Table #2

I think this is the best of the three telephone tables, and it's based on a specific photo. Brown table with two levels, dark brown feet, a plate of apples, and a telephone with something to sit on this time. What's the thing a phone sits on called?

Telephone Table #2 - front view Telephone Table #2 - top view
Telephone Table #3

This one is also (mostly) based on a photo. No phone this time, but there is a cushion to sit on, and a little storage area on the left. The table itself is dark tan with tall gold feet, and has two croissants on it.

Telephone Table #3 - front view Telephone Table #3 - side/top view
Floor Lamps #1

The floor lamp version of the bedside table's lamp. Round brown base and rod, white lampshade.

Floor Lamps #1 - front view Floor Lamps #1 - top view
Floor Lamps #2

Based on these lamps by AFOL TV. Round, white, doughnut-shaped base, white rod and thing-above-the-light, transparent yellow light.

Floor Lamps #2 - front view Floor Lamps #2 - top view

Grey wall with fireplace at the bottom centre, featuring fire, brown pieces (you might be able to see them if you squint really hard) that are supposed to be wood, and a black safety screen. Above the fire is a thin mantle (I'm not sure what the official LEGO colour is, maybe you can figure it out), and above that is this Piet Mondrian painting.

Fireplace - front view Fireplace - front/top view