Blog Post / October 8th, 2022

Errors & Hexadecimal Numbers

Error/Status Page

I made a page that can show any error I tell it to, based on the url. Here are some to try: (code 308) (error 404) (error 503) (error 418)

The page is "s" for status, and after the "?" to pass arguments the "s=" accepts an error code, then gives the message associated with that code. A list of all the codes can be found here.

Decimal to Hexadecimal Converter

Now available at a decimal to hexadecimal converter! I'm really happy with this—the logic is somewhat baffling. Next I'll be adding a random string generator to the page.

Link Animations?

Should links animate like blog and project titles? In other words: like this or something like this? It's a decision between simplicity and looks. (The underline in the second one would be moved down, I'm just using the same css as the titles in this demo.) What do you think?


Thanks for reading this update. If you find anything wrong with the website, send me a message on Discord. Speaking of Discord, some of the embeds might have incorrect information...

Things mentioned in this post that need testing.