Hi there, I’m Obsidian_Seal. Welcome to my website! I’ll use this space for all sorts of things, like practicing my javascript, providing downloads for my creations, posting pictures of seals, and much more. If you head over to the ‘projects’ page, you’ll see a list of things I’ve made (that I feel like putting online) and things I’m working on. Alternatively, if you go to the ‘blog’ page you’ll find posts about…whatever (example: the best pen colour). If you have any questions—or just want to chat—you can join my Discord server by clicking here. If you want to learn more about this website’s design and creation, keep reading. Otherwise, have fun exploring The Pinniped Page.


This website uses five colours. One for the background (#FFFFEE), one for almost everything that isn’t the background (#292F36), and three accent colours (#FF6B6B, #FFE66D, and #4ECDC4). For the highlighted links, I use an accent colour at 50% opacity, which adds a 7F to the end of the hex code. This colour palette was generated on Coolors, the website I use to make all my colour palettes, and can be viewed by clicking here.

When I decided to redesign my website, I immediately knew which fonts I would use: Abril Fatface (for titles) and Roboto Slab (for body text). These are my two favourite fonts and I use them everywhere. Both can be found on Google Fonts.

The final piece of design-related information is the fact that I use icons from Font Awesome. Font Awesome is, well, awesome! I can only afford the free version, but it still gives me nearly two thousand icons to spice up my website with. You can see some icons in action by clicking here.


Before I start talking about hosting, domains, HTML, and all that fun stuff, let me explain why The Pinniped Page is called The Pinniped Page. Google defines pinniped as “a carnivorous aquatic mammal of the order Pinnipedia, such as a seal or walrus”. Seals are my favourite animals, but all the good (and inexpensive) seal domains were taken, so I went with pinniped instead. One of cheapest pinniped domains was, of course, pinniped.page. It also happens to be very general, short, and alliterative! And so, my website became The Pinniped Page.

Now, on to the more technical side of things. The Pinniped Page is, like all websites, made with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I use Firebase for hosting and I got my domain from Google Domains. Firebase is pretty easy to use and, best of all, free!

Phew, I think that’s everything. Thanks for reading it all, and thanks for visiting The Pinniped Page.